15 settembre, 2015

Green building architecture

Work in progress

Studio Keyart - a new challenge. Green building architecture. 
The intent of a green building design is to curtail the demand on non-renewable resources, amplify utilization efficiency of these resources when in use, and augment the reuse, recycling, and consumption of renewable resources.
Panoramic location: a new design villa on three levels of about 600 square meters, with garden and swimming pool , with magnificent views of Lake and surrounding.
Detached villa in a panoramic position, energy efficiency class A+(energy savings), building materials of high quality.
The building is immersed in a suggestive private garden, well exposed and sunny, with swimming pool, living with terraces, located in a green residential area.
The property includes a garden, a private garage, balconies and terraces of about 450 sqm. that allow great outdoors to relax and have fun, a great terraced garden with swimming pool, decorated with precious olive trees which offers a breathtaking view of the lake, the garden is completely fenced.
The building is connected by stairs and lift. Home automation system, irrigation system with rainwater collection.