11 aprile, 2018


An italian design firm and furniture companies have joined forces to form a network that can ensure the integrated interior projects for public and private spaces.

Keyart Contract is a network of historic firms with one single mission: achieving and expressing Italian excellence in interior decoration.

Keyart Contract guarantees years of experience in teamwork and production of complex integrated public spaces such as hotels, residences, restaurants, private yachts and shops.

Contract projects fall into three main categories: large orders for the hospitality sector (hotels, residences, restaurants, bars, cruise ships and tourist villages), corporate projects (banks, museums, congress centres, theatres and airports), and turn-key interior design projects for residences and apartments.
What they all have in common is an extremely flexible design, an all-round service offering and the incomparable quality of the Made in Italy cachet.

Studio Keyart’s Projects & Operations Director oversees the project management team to ensure the intricate planning and smooth running of resourcing, budget and programme.
Thanks to our wide-ranging knowledge we can offer to customers all the different processing phases: concept development, design, production, installation and after-sales services.

Great organizational skills and mutual integration allow the Keyart Contract group to operate in a timely and accurate manner in partial renovation of public and private environments, optimizing costs and times.

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